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My Application

Post by JosephhMB on Wed Aug 26, 2015 5:14 pm

Real name: Joseph (Swaglord69)
Alternate forum account: None because I have swag.
Current forum rank: Swaglord
Age: 420
Timezone: The one which has swag
When did you register in this forum?: Like 69 seconds ago.
Some words about you: I have swag.

Staff's questions

Why do you think you should be considered for this rank?:
Hours/week you plan to spend to this forum:

Personal questions

If someone is in higher rank than you will you listen?: No because I will have a higher rank than them because I have swag and they won't.

How would you treat staff/members disrespecting the rules?: Kill them with swag.

How can you help the forums a big improvement?: Yes, I will bless it with holy swag water.

Will you help us?: Yes, I will rid of your tainted n00b blood that you have in you.

References: Swaglord69, Swaglord420 and Swagasaurus Rext (My Pet :3)


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